Electronic development

by 911micro

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Common electronic development includes market, UX and technology researches, industrial design, communication engineering, mechatronics engineering, electronic engineering, embedded software development, certifications and production management.

Electronic development is a skilled work of a full team.

Let's modeling the project you have in mind. After mockups, researches, and sketches, our designers will perform a 3D design in collaboration with the electronic engineers.

Once approved, a first 3D print is generated for the support or housing of the device. Users will reiterate tests and will bring improvements before mass production.

Along the industrial design, the electronic design will start. That will include the PCB design and layout. Depending on the requirements, it will include a CPU platform or a microcontroller.

Once the product is designed, tested, improved and validated, the prototype goes to mass production. 911micro is preparing all documents and engineer resources for production.

Almost any device requires a software to perform. 911micro engineers will write embedded software so it will perform as required.

Over the embedded layer, an Operating system could be implemented.

911micro can also design drivers to help external devices communicate with the first one.

Electronic procurement and manufacturing

It is time to produce your project. The prototype is ready, along with the software and all the electronic resources to support the manufacturing.

911micro offers you the service for procurement and / or manufacturing. We can take care of the costs, quality, taxes, warehousing, support and required operations to ship to your customers, all based on your requirements.